Sex With Shemales

Sex With Shemales – Advice for Success!

Sex with shemales - Advice for successful romance with t-girls.When it comes to sex with shemales, many men rely on porn sites to find their ‘knowledge’ which is the wrong place to look! Intimacy is a vital factor of every type of relationship.

Once you have begun to get established in your relationship with your shemale, you will naturally end up taking it to further levels of intimacy at varying stages. We recommend to take it slower and let her lead the way a little. It probably won’t take much encouragement but be sensitive to her needs.

Has She Opened Up About Herself?

Has she opened up about herself? If you and your shemale girlfriend have not had ‘the conversation’ yet, you might still be wondering what her body might be like underneath those clothes. Some will find it easier to talk about than others and if your T-Girl has not said anything, she could either be waiting for you to ask, or, she is uncomfortable talking about it. Will she be functional? You must be prepared therefore, for a ‘surprise’ when you finally do get ‘down to business.’ Some men are really turned on by the idea of not knowing.

Foreplay Before the Shemale Sex

Foreplay is very important in the build up to sex.  Stroking your shemale girlfriend’s legs, arms, thighs and shoulders is one way of turning her on and getting her more in the mood for romance. Nibbling her ear lobes and putting soft kisses on her neck will no doubt have a lovely effect and keeping this up for as long as it takes her to want more is a wonderful enticement to get even more intimate. All women like foreplay and shemales are no exception. Pay attention to her body. Place long, lingering kisses on her. Make her feel like she is the only woman on the planet at that moment.

Physical and Psychological Issues Related to Sex with Shemales

Physical and psychological issues may arise. Uncomfortable as this part of the subject might be, it really does need addressing. As I said, every T-Girl has her issues. Personally, while I feel a little uncomfortable about my male genitals, I don’t hate them. They serve a function, but I don’t want my dates to focus on them to the exclusion of everything else.

It is ok to be touched there as long as I feel I am being treated as a lady. One gentleman explained that he considered my penis to be a clitoris and he reassured me that he was interested in me as a woman. That was reassuring to me and we had very passionate sex!

Top, Bottom or Switch – What’s Your Sex Position?

I already mentioned that guy who asked about me being a ‘top’ or ‘bottom,’ but let me elaborate on this a little. Being a ‘top’ simply means that you prefer to be on top when you make love. A bottom means you prefer to be underneath. No doubt you can figure out what a ‘switch’ is. Yep, don’t mind either way. Some men prefer to on top because it is the only thing they know. It is their comfort zone or their place where they feel in charge.

Top, bottom or switch is really is an individual thing. Your shemale might have a preference to being one or the other as might you. Be prepared to compromise! You might find that you really enjoy being a ‘bottom’ once you try it. If you are open minded enough to like switching, then that’s great. You can both have fun deciding who goes on top first!

Building Trust

Building trust and talking about your sexual desires is the best way to iron out any possible misunderstandings. Your preferences may be totally compatible in most ways and not quite as compatible in other ways. You might discuss the options of ‘trying it on for size’ just to see how something might feel for you both. Have fun with sex with shemales!


Full credit is given to Amber Lynn of for this thought-provoking discussion of sex with shemales. Excerpts are published here with express permission.